Corporations Hold Secret Meeting To Address Republican Voter Suppression

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Executives from some of America's largest corporations gathered on a call recently to discuss their plans to address widespread Republican voter suppression. What began as a simple "obligatory" denunciation of the practice has evolved into a real problem for corporations, all thanks to Republicans pressing the issue and trying to punish the companies. Those same politicians could now find themselves without the corporate backing that they rely upon, and that could easily swing the next election cycle. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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Over the weekend. Something very interesting happened. And it actually, by the way, is not related to Donald Trump's bizarre speech and that ridiculous award that he received down in Mar-a-Lago what happened was that you had more than 100 major corporations here in the United States. They all hopped on a call together and discuss how to move forward in the face of all of the Republican voter suppression here in the United States. Now, I know we spend a lot of time here on ring of fire, uh, and just on the left in general, bashing the hell out of these corporations. And we do it because they deserve it by the way. But in this particular instance, the corporations are doing the right thing. And when they do the right thing, yes, we're going to thank them for doing that. We're not going to forgive any of their past sins because of that.

Absolutely not. Or their future sins, which we know are coming, but we're actually seeing corporations for once do something decent. They're not backing down from these Republicans. And even though they've given them what, I think it was 50 million over the last couple of years, they're now considering not doing any money. Of course though, let's, let's be fair. They also said that after the January 6th insurrection, then literally within two weeks, they were giving money back to these Republicans. But this time I think it's different. And here's why Republicans are already trying to retaliate against these corporations. And again, we're not talking about little Podunk companies that nobody's ever heard of. Okay. We're talking about target Starbucks, Delta major airlines, in addition to Delta and NFL team owner. Okay. Major league baseball. They were talking. What about multi-billion dollar corporation saying we're done? And here's the irony of all of this, by the way, none of them, this had to happen.

The Republicans did this to themselves and believe it or not, they didn't do it to themselves because of the voter suppression. Now, these corporations would have been more than happy to just issue their obligatory statements saying we don't like voter suppression. What the Republicans are doing is bad. And that would have been the end of it. Okay. They wouldn't have done anything. They wouldn't have moved their baseball games. They wouldn't be threatening to pull out of Georgia with their movie productions. None of it, they would have issued their statement. They would have gone. Cool. We did it socially conscious company, a conscious company. No, you're really not. But then after they issued their statements, the Republicans got super mad. And so the Republicans started attacking the corporations. As they say things like, we're going to take away your tax breaks. We're going to go after you.
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