Collecting retired D1GP cars in Texas

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I found an ancient D1GP car in Texas, and thought it would be fun to show you guys! This thing was sold by Power Vehicles to a local Texan, and I had seen it sitting around in Japan for years in storage. It is so cool to see a D1GP running around at local events. The current owner is learning to drift in it.

A cool side note, and it is discussed in the video, but the car was a demo drift car for Team Orange and was shipped around the world to do professional level drifting, but in more of a demo capacity I think. It wasn't a full blown race car, but rather a very mildly modified vehicle that was meant to look like an aggressive drift car. These types of cars are so cool, and I wish I could go around and collect all the old D1GP cars and keep them in some silly useless collection.
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