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Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield teaches everything he knows about exploring space. Through personal stories, chalkboard sessions, and deconstruction of model spaceships, Chris shares the science of space travel and what the future holds for it.

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Chris Hadfield is the first Canadian to live aboard the International Space Station and perform a spacewalk. He has spent a total of six months in orbit as the commander of the ISS, has logged nearly 4,000 hours in space, and flown three space missions.

In this MasterClass, students will learn about life as an astronaut, the human implications of space travel, and its effects on an astronaut’s body and mind.

Chris teaches his greatest lessons from his most indelible moments in space, changing how we think about our future there and inspiring the next generation of astronauts in the process.

In his online science class, Chris teaches you about:
• Orbital mechanics
• Human survival in space
• Spaceship design
• The future of space travel
• Commanding the ISS
• Problem-solving
• The mind and body in space
• Applying space to Earth

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