BTD6 Update 21 - New Map SECRET!? Limited Time Trophy Store, New Hidden Achievement, Gameplay etc...

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What is up everybody, welcome to the BTD6 update 21 video! This update features a new map called Encrypted that by the looks of it is hiding a HUGE secret, with platforms for certain towers only and weird symbols that point to specific upgrade paths. There are a lot of new Limited Time Trophy Store items with a first ever powers skin, a new Banana Farmer skin and some more regular updates to it. The gameplay changes weren't anything less, with significant changes being made to the Wizard allowing us a new early game start, one of the most important upgrades - the Overclock, got reworked, along with some other small crosspath changes that allow a lot of new niche upgrades to be explored.

You can find the full patch notes for the Bloons TD 6 Update 21 here:

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