Boy In Space - Dance Alone (Official Video)

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Boy In Space

Dance Alone:
Written by: Boy In Space, Mitchell Lewis & Freddy Alexander
Recording engineer: Freddy Alexander
Mix & master: Freddy Alexander

Video credits:
Video directed by: Julius Hayes
Director of photography: Joel Hördegård

Some days I run for cover some I only run my mouth 
Dunno what that’s about

I’m playing games to kill the time until my batteries out 
Don’t mean to shut you out 

Lately I’ve been think that I wanna buy a fast car
Digging for emotions in the middle of a  scrapyard 

We all stay home 
With what we know
And then complain we’re on our own

For all our phones
And dirty clothes
Pretend we’re fine and dance alone 

Drugs in our blood
Smoke in our lungs 
Fill up my cup
It’s never enough
We’re left on our own
And all that we want 
To dance with somebody

23’s the time for being arrogant and proud
But your scared of being loud

Our deepest fear is if we’re busy then we’re missing out 
On something better now
I can see the party from the backseat of a cop car 
We just keep on running but we’re never getting that far
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