Book CommuniTEA Tuesday: No Peace During Black History Month, Should White Authors Write POC? [CC]

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????Hiii! Happy #BookCommuniTEA Tuesday! One week into Black History Month and the shenanigans have not stopped. So much mess and the question is: should white authors write POC? Thanks for watching!

0:00 Intro
2:20 White Writers Guild Twitter Shenanigans
4:59 School Library Journal: "Why White Kids Need Diverse Books"
11:37 Baker and the Geek/Chelsea Millen/Isabella Starling
18:45 Nigel Intermission
19:14 A L Herbert/Murder with Fried Chicken and Waffles
23:12 Lycanthrophy and Other Chronic Illnesses
33:01 Recent/Upcoming releases by Black and South Asian Authors

????School Library Journal's Editor's Response:

????Interview with A. L. Herbert:

????Here are some additional resources/threads for more information (from South Asian reviewer for Lycanthropy and Other Chronic Illnesses)
-Excellent article on the many shades and complexities of South Asian rep and how we are not interchangeable:
-My thread on the intersections of disabled Desi identity and how our voices are underrepresented in publishing in multiple ways:
-Thread by Desi author Priyanka Taslim breaking down how racist & appropriative it is for white authors to write MCs with BIPOC, Desi, and especially disabled Tamil rep specifically, in response to the author's friend defending her in an email to a negative reviewer saying she meant to "give us a voice": (less)

????Saajid's video:

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Books Mentioned:
-How To Catch A Queen:
-A Cowboy To Remember:
-Truth or Dare:
-Amari and The Night Brothers:
-Root Magic:
-Wings of Ebony:
-One of the Good Ones:
-When You Look Like Us:
-Happily Ever Afters:
-First Comes Like:
-Accidentally Engaged:
-City of the Plague God:
-The Dating Plan:
-Serena Singh Flips the Script:
-If I Tell You The Truth:

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