Anime Battle Arena Madara vs Shinobi Alliance...

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Madara vs Shinobi Alliance anime battle arena juggernaut 11 vs 1. Can the AOE God Madara beat 11 other naruto characters in anime battle arena? Or will Madara lose the war?

Anime battle arena Roblox is a PVP anime fighting game with characters from multiple Anime's. Some rosters include DBZ, One-piece, Bleach, Jojo Bizarre Adventure, and more. You can unlock a variety of skins, some are basic and others are legendary, as well as unlock new anime characters. Roblox anime battle arena is a pretty good Roblox PVP game.

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Songs made by RiftyBeats were used in fights
Intro song: BUNGEE GUM | Trap Beat | Hunter x Hunter Remix (Prod. Eekway)
Outro song: Il Elevato D'oro (Giorno's theme elevator music) Jarrod Delaney

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