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Meet RU Engineering faculty and hear how artificial intelligence and machine learning intersect with many different fields of research.

On this panel, you will be hearing from Dr. Ozel, Dr. Fabris, Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Gormley about their research. Dr. Ozel, from the Industrial and Systems Engineering department, focuses on advanced manufacturing, smart manufacturing, metal additive manufacturing and 3D printing using physics-based simulation modeling, and machine learning methods. Dr. Fabris, from the Materials Science and Engineering department, rationally designs plasmonic nanomaterials to address biologically and medically relevant questions and, most recently, to design efficient nanostructured photocatalysts. In this respect, she leverages AI to interpret complex spectroscopic responses of molecules, in particular disease biomarkers, and to identify unexplored parameter spaces in the synthesis of nanoparticles. Dr. Ortiz, from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, focuses on building and studying sensing systems that learn about human behavior, from human feedback, and with humans to improve system objectives and enhance people’s lives. Dr. Gormley, from the Biomedical Engineering department, seeks to develop bioactive nanobiomaterials using robotics and artificial intelligence.

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Dr. Fabris:
Dr. Ortiz:
Dr. Gormley:

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Time Stamps
0:00 Introduction
2:24 Faculty Bios
2:36 Dr. Ozel- ISE
3:18 Dr. Fabris- MSE
4:00 Dr. Ortiz- ECE
4:45 Dr. Gormley- BME
5:20 Faculty Research
5:25 Dr. Ozel- ISE
10:10 Dr. Fabris- MSE
15:25 Dr. Ortiz- ECE
20:07: Dr. Gormley- BME
22:40 Panel Questions:
22:41 Question 1) What impact are you hoping your research will make in society? What do you hope to solve/improve?
30:18 Question 2) What is the future of AI in your field?
37:27 Question 3) How have undergraduate students contributed to your work and how can they get involved?
45:39 Conclusion
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