5 GREATEST Cars of ALL TIME! (According to a Car Nerd...)

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The 5 best cars of all time according to me! They're not cheap, they're not practical, they're not even always that fast, but to me they're as good as it gets with roadgoing production cars (minus the bonus car, )

Just a bit of fun, hope you lot enjoy!

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Background: My (musically gifted) sister
Outro: Ship Wrek & Zookeepers - Ark [NCS Release]

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TVR Sagaris
- Exige

Aston Martin DB5

Lothar Spurzem, CC BY-SA DE , via Wikimedia Commons
- plate

Mercedes 300SL

- W194
- W194

Lancia 037

Enzo Ferrari

Andrew Smith Lewis, CC BY-SA , via Wikimedia Commons
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