1963's 'The Outer Limits' Was Canceled Too Soon

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The Outer Limits was one of the most influential science fiction television series of the 20th century. It''s influence on culture is still being felt today and if you go back and watch the series, you will see exactly why. It was a marvel of screenwriting, cinematography, and special effects.

So why in the world was it canceled after it's second season? Re-runs are still running to this day. Didn't ABC know that they had a winning show on their hands, or did they merely drop the ball? We're going to investigate the truth why The Outer Limits had such a short run, but in the meantime, we're also going to take a look at the iconic show and uncover some fascinating facts.

Find out all about the monsters that spooked audiences across the nation and where they ended up after they were retired from the series. You might be surprised to discover where some of these beasts later found themselves. Did you know that one of these monstrosities was so frightening that the network felt the need to censor it from audiences? Find out which one by watching the whole video.

Discover the disgraceful truth about which James Cameron directed film blatantly plagiarized an episode of The Outer Limits and how the court system proved that Orion Pictures had violated intellectual property laws by ripping off the series. All of this and more will be revealed in this fascinating, facts-filed video.
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