[17] Assassin's Creed Valhalla PC Gameplay - Full Sciropescire Arc - Ivarr and Book of Dragons Boss!

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In this Assassin's Creed Valhalla, 1440p PC Gameplay video, we go to Sciropescire to help out Ceolbert, Ivarr and their issues with the Britons in an ongoing war. We meet the venerable King Rhodri and through quests like War Weary, The Supply Line, Ransacking Wenlocan, Bloody Path to Peace and King Killer, we have a gut punching end to today's part.

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0:00 Recap
1:17 Oxenefordscire Report
2:49 Sciropescire Pledge
3:59 War Weary - Speak with Ceolbert
7:58 Briton and Dane Diplomacy
23:16 The Supply Line
32:18 Ransacking Wenlocan
36:06 Bloody Path to Peace
47:25 Eels and Bishops
49:38 Angharad and the Bishop
52:26 Ceolbert
1:04:31 King Killer
1:28:07 The Aftermath

PC Build:
GPU: 2080ti
CPU: i9900k

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